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Flavor and More to your Restaurant Door

Meat Tacos
Welcome to Tolteca Foodservice!

Tolteca Foodservice is a family-owned wholesale distributor of products ranging from  from produce to meat products, spices to beverages, to cleaning supplies and other restaurant essentials.  Founded in Atlanta in September 1995, Tolteca Foodservice has been successfully serving customers in the southeast of the nation, namely Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, North and South Carolina.  We currently distribute goods from our 50,000 square foot warehouse in Norcross, GA with our fleet of tractor-trailers, trucks and vans.   

In addition to being a one-stop shop for Mexican restaurants, Tolteca Foodservice maintains direct and personal contact with our more than 600 customers.  These dedicated customers rely on Tolteca Foodservice for quality products and excellent service.  As a leader in the Mexican and Mexican-American foodservice industry in the southeast, we are growing by offering our customers over a 2,000 products and expanding our area of service.

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