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Meat,Poultry, & Fish



- Ground Beef

- Beef Intestines (Tripas)

- T-Bone Steak

- Beef Tongue (Lengua)

- Beef Loin Flap Meat 

- Beef Boneless Peeled Knuckles

- Beef Inside Round Boneless 

- Beef Feet Cut 

- Beef Shanks Bone-in (Chamoro de Res)

- Rib-Eye Steak Sliced 8 oz.

- Beef Plate Outside Skirt (Peeled & Boneless)

- Ox Tails

- Flank Steak



- Tialpia

- Shrimp 



- Pork Boston Butts (Boneless Pork Shoulder)

- Menudo Mix

      (Honey Comb, Scalded Tripe/Pata de Res)

- Pork Chops

- V&V Supremo Chorizo

- Pork Leg (Fresh Ham), Bone-in



- Chicken Breast (Bone-in)

- Chick Breast (Boneless)

- Chicken Tenders

- Breaded Chicken Nuggets

- Chicken Wigs

- Chicken Leg Quarter



- Turkey Breast

****Product list is a general outline. Specific items may vary slightly as we are always expanding our product options

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